Mohamed Abdellatif (Momo)

With over two decades of experience, my journey involves helping individuals and companies immortalize their special moments, craft compelling commercials, and produce captivating films.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to explore over 30 countries, doing what I love—working on a diverse range of projects, freezing moments in time, and crafting something truly extraordinary.

In addition to my videography expertise, I've delved into the realm of painting and visual art creation. The passion to generate and utilize my artistic perspective drives me to craft something fresh and distinctive.

I'm eager to contribute to your next project or event, bringing my skills to help you capture those unique moments and beauty that will create lasting, vivid memories to cherish for years to come. Let's collaborate on something truly special!

After dedicating 16 years to the legal field, I felt a strong urge for a change. Having worked for others since the age of 12, a deep inner voice told me it was time to venture out on my own. I've always enjoyed collaborating with people and contributing to the realization of their dreams.

As a Shaman and Reiki Master, I have a profound passion for assisting individuals in their healing journey and guiding them towards the best possible life. As our business expands, I plan to integrate my energy work into our services.

I'm excited to learn more about your story and collaborate with you on upcoming projects. Let's create something meaningful together!


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