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Oakland Park Business Association

Fight Mixer - Special Offer

Cooking with Color 4 Kids - Sponsors Invite

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Women's Day at Deerfields Mall - Abu Dhabi

Wine & Networking = Success

Bridal Expo - June 5, 2022

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ACE - Warike Peruvian Bistro

ACE - Tomberg's Rotisserie Chicken

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Imran Khan - Knightridah (Official Music Video)

Momo worked as the Sole Camera Operator to create this music video.

*Rights to the video are Imran Khan's, we don't not own any rights, we are just please to share the link to the video, since Momo worked to help create it.


This is a video we created in September 2021 for a dear friend's wedding. It was beautiful day, and we were blessed to be guests at this wedding, and we surprised her by making this video as our wedding gift to her.

What if you could have a video like this to remember you special day?